Being in the furniture restoration business for many years, Jim knows his way around glue products. Back in 2006, he was working away in his wood shop restoring some kitchen chairs. He meticulously took them apart, glued them and clamped them back together. This process took approximately 2 hours per chair. While Jim was working on this process one day, a fellow furniture restorer stopped by for a chat. He was puzzled as to why Jim was taking all of the chairs completely apart before gluing them. He went out to his truck and returned with some cyanoacrylate glue. With a chair that had yet to be torn apart, he demonstrated how the cyanoacrylate glue absorbed directly into the joints of the wood, forming a solid bond. What took him upwards of 2 hours in the past now takes him 20 minutes!

That was the day that The Glue Guy was born. Jim believes in these glue products so much that he decided to become a distributor. He hasn’t looked back since.

Apart from selling these amazing glues, Jim also provides instant super glue remover. Made a mistake? No problem. This instant super glue remover doesn’t leave any trace of glue behind, which makes your finished product look a lot cleaner.

While this line of glue is truly remarkable, Jim makes sure that the prices stay reasonable. That’s why he offers many sizes and varieties of glue. If you aren’t sure what glue will best suit your project, simply e-mail Jim at jim@TheGlueGuy.com and he’ll recommend the right product for the job. Then, he personally packages and ships your products so that you’ll receive them in a timely manner and in great condition. We also ship internally!