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If you need glue, THE GLUE GUY IS HERE FOR YOU!

Glue Guy S-Gel

The Glue Guy

Meet Jim, the Glue Guy! Jim started the The Guy Guy back in 2006. As a woodworker and professional restorer, Jim understands the need for amazing glue.


The Glue Guy carries glue for many different types of materials. Simply let The Glue Guy know what you are restoring, and he’ll match you up with the right glue for the job. Guaranteed.


If you have questions about any of our top notch glue products, e-mail us! We are here to answer all of your glue related questions.

Meet Jim, The Glue Guy

The Glue Guy has worked in the furniture restoration business for most of his life, so he knows the value of quality glue. No matter what you need to repair, The Glue Guy has the right glue for your project.

Not only do we sell glue to restore and repair your wooden pieces, we also have glue that can fix fragile pieces such as a glass vase or Grandma’s porcelain teapot. Do your eye glasses keep breaking? Yes, we have glue for that too.

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