The Glue Guy Quick Aerosol Accelerator (10oz)

The Glue Guy Quick Aerosol Accelerator (10oz)

Cyanoacrylates can be harden upon contact with this accelerator. This accelerator is a non-CFC based product that has a rapid flash-off and can be stored anywhere. Given the contents are in an aerosol can, there is no evaporation loss on the shelf and it is always ready to use! Due to being an aerosol can, this item cannot be transported via plane thus cannot be shipped Priority Shipping.

Accelerator will set/harden our glues on contact.

Min BuyMax BuyOffer
6 nos.11 nos.$9.05 USD Fixed Price
12 nos.23 nos.$8.60 USD Fixed Price
24 nos.47 nos.$8.15 USD Fixed Price
48 nos.99 nos.$7.45 USD Fixed Price



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